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You are reading this because you realize your business needs more customers. You also realize that traditional advertising methods such as the Yellow Pages, newspapers, direct mail, radio and television to mention just a few, are too costly and not effective for today’s business environment. SEO brings to you, the small business owner, the power to compete with multi-million dollar companies. Discover how our Torrington SEO company can help your business by placing your website url in the form below and we will instantly email you your free SEO audit.

Torrington Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, can be a huge benefit for your business. It can drive a ton of customers to your door. Whan a strategic SEO campaign is done properly, it is by far less expensive than any other advertising method. Search engine optimization includes many factors like the following: keywords and keyword density, content, geo location, off-page factors such as links pointed to your site, social accounts such as Facebook and Twitter and citations  This is why you need an Torrington SEO company like ours to help you and your business through the complex minefield that is SEO.

As You Read This To Discover How SEO Can Help Your Business, Keep The Following Facts In Mind

As you read through this valuable information, remember how you search for goods and services in your personal life. You don’t remember what you saw on a billboard. You get your news from the internet so you don’t see newspaper advertising. The Yellow Pages has all but vanished. Most direct mail advertising gets thrown away. The list goes on. You more than likely use the internet to search for whatever you are looking for. YOUR CUSTOMERS DO THE SAME!

Torrington Local SEO And Digital Marketing

Learn Why SEO May Be The Only Marketing Strategy You Need For Your Business

Like politics, all business is local.Notice the big box stores such as Walmart and Home Depot. Each store has it’s own Google My Business and there is a really good, common sense reason for this. When a search is done on Google for a local business or service it pulls up the closest location to the person doing the searching. In other words, it’s what we call geo targeting. Your business is no different. Our SEO company specializes in local search engine optimization.  We make sure, using advanced keyword analysis, that your business website targets the right terms and locations in your digital marketing area.

What Kind Of Business Is This Local Search Engine Optimization Service For?

Every type of business needs this local SEO service. Right from a big box store right down to the smallest, one person home business, every business needs a digital marketing strategy. In other words, a comprehensive SEO campaign levels the playing field between big and small businesses as they are all local businesses that are geo targeted. And think about this. All of your competitors that are ahead of you in the Google search results use an SEO firm and so should you. Call Torrington SEO today!

local seo

What Does Our Torrington SEO Agency Do To Make Your Business Get Found By Prospective Clients On The Google Search Engine?

Watch the YouTube video below in it’s entirety to get a behind the scenes look at just a few of the tactics we use. An associate of ours goes into painstaking detail about how SEO works and some of the tools we use to make your business show up on the first page of the Google search results.

Torrington Google SEO

Our SEO company optimizes for the Google search engine for a really good reason.  Did you know that Google controls almost ninety percent of all the internet searches?  This obviously leaves Bing and Yahoo in the dust.  In fact, many business owners, when searching for an internet marketing company, enter “Google SEO” in the search box of their web browser.  This is done thousands of times a month.  So let our SEO agency help your business today!  Call 508-556-4108 for details on how we can help you rank on the first page of Google.

Google SEO

Torrington Advertising Agency

Yes, we are a twenty first century version of an advertising Agency.  Why is that?  It’s really simple.  Not long ago, and even today, owners of small businesses engage an ad agency to handle all of their advertising, marketing and branding needs.  For example, Yellow Pages, now called which their digital version is now called, newspaper, billboard, television, social media, radio, and direct marketing just to name some of the things an advertising agency does.  They also includes web design, SEO, video marketing and video SEO as well as other digital marketing and internet marketing strategies that include pay per click, which is mostly the well known and costly Google Adwords.  Sounds really compelling, doesn’t it?  WRONG!  As stated before, you are reading this because your business needs customers.  A comprehensive, properly deployed and strategic SEO campaign will run rings around an advertising agency that offers everything and costs way too much for the results that are obtained.  Call TODAY! 

Advertising Agency, SEO Advertising Agency

Torrington Google My Business

Drive Traffic And Leads To Your Business With Google My Business

Google my business is the most important real estate on the Google search results page. This mantra is being repeated over and over to drive this fact home. Google My Business are the maps that show up at the beginning of each search results page that shows up to three businesses. Sometimes only one or even none are shown. There used to be seven Google Maps results at the top of each page. Now there is only three. The competition for these positions is fierce. Now no SEO company can guarantee a listing at the top of Google My Business. That is determined by the Google algorithm. However, a properly optimized Google My Business page in conjunction with a website that has been properly optimized will give you an advantage over other businesses in the Google Maps listing. Now for a fun statistic. Did you know that way more that fifty percent of web searches are done on a mobile device? And it is proven that many of these mobile searchers go no further than the Google My Business listings. Let that sink in.

Who Is Google My Business For?

This is for any business.  When looking for your nearest Walmart or Home Depot, notice each store has it’s own Google My Business listing.  Your business is no different.  No matter what size business, from a multi-site operation to a one person business operated from home, Google My Business is right for you!  Call Torrington SEO today at 508-556-4108 for details about getting a properly optimized Google My Business page.

Google My Business


What Do You Want Your Business To Be Famous For?

Keywords are how your small business gets found on the Google search engine as well as Bing and Yahoo.  They describe the goos and services you provide to your customers.  Noy only that, they tell them where your business can be found.  This is called geo targeting.  Without it, your website is useless.  For instance, your town plumbing, your town dentist, your town car dealer and so on.  Even if you have been in business for a long time, this is vital as we live in a transient society and most people do not know you exist.  Using advanced keyword tools and SEO software, our SEO company will propel your business website to the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo.keywords, seo tools,

Torrington Voice Search

Learn About Voice Search And Why Your Website Must Be Optimized For It

As mentioned before, way more that fifty percent of web searches are done on a portable device, specifically cell phones.  Many of these searches are done by verbal commands.  For instance, you may have found this page by speaking into your device SEO your town.  Additionally, many searchers use a near me designation, for instance, insurance agent near me.  This really makes sense, doesn’t it?  The content on your website must have something like this on it or you are losing a lot of business.  And this method is becoming more popular every day.

voice search

Torrington Video SEO

Drive Traffic To Your Business With Torrington YouTube SEO

Did you know that YouTube is the most popular search engine ranked just behind Google in popularity?  Also, did you know that YouTube is owned by Google?  That is a synergy that you, a local business owner must take advantage of.  People find videos engaging and that means they will stay on a web page longer making it look popular in Google’s eyes.  This results in better rankings in the search engines which is what we are striving for, isn’t it?  YouTube videos rank well in the Google search results as well as it is a Google property which always is favored over other platforms.  Obviously, YouTube makes your business easier to find.  Finally, many prospective customers use YouTube as their only place to search for goods or services.  Don’t be left behind, call us today to make video part of your SEO strategy.

YouTube, YouTube SEO, video seo, video marketing

Torrington Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is the only feasible and cost effective way to advertise your business in today’s hyper-competitive small, local business environment.  PERIOD! Yet the reality is quite different.  Many small business owners waste billions of dollars nationally on the following methods that are way out of reach in expense for most local business owners.

internet marketing, online marketing, digital marketing

Torrington Yellow Pages

Remember in the 1980’s and 1990’s the Yellow Pages were huge and voluminous.  It’s now just a shadow of itself and in 2019 the paper version will be abolished and replaced in full by the digital version.  That consists of local listings which are ineffective as you have to go to the digital version of the phone book and search.  It is a Byzantine process that cannot compete with Google, Bing and Yahoo.  It is also extremely expensive.  Hiring a search engine optimization expert is a more common sense idea in today’s hyper competitive business environment.

yellow pager,, Yellow Pages Advertising

Torrington Pay Per Click

When pay per click advertising was introduced in the early 2000’s, it was affordable for just about any business to use. Some clicks were only a few cents!  That has since changed.  Google Adwords brings in their parent company BILLIONS of dollars a month and clicks can sometimes be in the tens, and sometimes hundreds of dollars in extremely competitive industries.  This is not practical for most small, medium and sometimes large businesses.  A far better strategy would be an SEO campaign dominating a business area with organic listings, videos and social media.  

Pay Per Click, Pay Per Click Advertising, Google Adwords, Google Adwords Advertising

Torrington Newspaper Advertising

The newspaper industry is dying.  Legacy newspapers like the New York Times, Washington Post and the Boston Globe are just a shadow of their former selves.  Not that many years ago, the Sunday paper weighed several pounds!  It was chock full of news as well as a huge quantity of ads large and small from from all types of businesses.  There were also tons of inserts.  It’s not that way anymore.  However, a few stalwart businesses continue to throw money at print advertising.  A smarter course would be to hire an SEO expert.  It would be far more cost effective.

newspaper advertising

Torrington Direct Mail Advertising

Have you noticed that in the last ten years, the volume of junk mail delivered to your home or business has declined to a great degree.  This is not your imagination.  It has become prohibitive to send just a few hundred fliers out to your marketing area.  The cost of producing the mailer and the postage to send them is prohibitive for many businesses. And the sad thing is, most of this advertising is thrown away.   Yet some business owners still persist in sending out direct mail where promoting their business online would be a better choice and far more effective.

Direct Mail, Direct Mail Advertising

Torrington Yelp Optimization

Discover How Yelp Can Help Your Business Pick Up Even More Traffic And Leads

Yelp is an important ranking factor on Google as well as a great way for your business to obtain new clients.  Did you know there are 171 million reviews on Yelp?  And that number increases daily.  They cover all types of businesses.  These reviews include everything from shopping, restaurants, home and local services, dentists, doctors and just about every other type of business you can imagine.  Your business must have a Yelp Page that is properly optimized.

Thousands Of Companies Are Losing Out By Not Claiming Their Yelp Business Page.  We Can Help!

The Consequences Of Not Claiming Your Yelp Business Page Can Be Lethal For Your Business And It’s Reputation

Did you know that Yelp often builds a page for your business?  At first glance that seems like a really great idea but as you read on, you will learn why it’s definitely not good.  It sounds strange, but some unauthorized individual can actually claim your page that is fraught with many dangers to your reputation.  Also, your customers will find this unclaimed and un-optimized page to leave a review and will not be impressed by what they find.  This discourages them from leaving a well deserved five star review and also makes them wonder about your reputation and professionalism.

Yelp Statistics

Positive Reviews Make 68% Of Consumers More Likely To Use A Local Business

Negative Reviews Stop 40% Of Consumers From Using A Business

91% Of 18-34 Year Olds Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations

57% Of Consumers Won’t Use A Business With Less That 4 Stars (Up From 48% In 2017)

86% Of Consumers Read Reviews For Local Businesses

Yelp Optimization

Free Website Audit

Welcome to our completely free website audit.  Discover why your internet presence is anemic.  You are reading this because as a business owner, you know you can get a lot more from the internet than you are at present.  Remember, without a robust SEO strategy, your business will eventually wither and die.  Just insert your website URL in the form below and instantly receive your free Torrington SEO audit.

Torrington Content Marketing

Did You Know That Content Is One Of The Most Important Factors In A Well Planned Google SEO Strategy?

When it comes to getting your small business ranked on the first page of Google, content, in our opinion, is number one.  Great content describing what your business does and the services offered plus the operation area is key.  Describing each keyword along with well written, easy to understand content will give you a leg up on your competition.  Articles on your website should be at a minimum, five hundred words long.  Optimally, there should be a lot more allowing you to rank for more keywords. Many times, when examining a prospective clint’s website, we find almost no useful content.  Let our SEO company assist you today getting proper content on your website.  

content marketing

Business is booming in Torrington and the Torrington area.  Don’t get left behind. Most of competitors are using a Torrington SEO company like hours to get their business listed on the first page of Google.  Don’t wait!  Call Today!  Torrington SEO 508-556-4108

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