Why Your Small Business Needs Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is the only feasible and cost effective way to advertise your business in today’s hyper-competitive small, local business environment.  PERIOD! Yet the reality is quite different.  Many small business owners waste billions of dollars nationally on the following methods that are way out of reach in expense for most local business owners.

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Yellow Pages

Remember in the 1980’s and 1990’s the yellow pages were huge and voluminous.  It’s now just a shadow of itself and in 2019 the paper version will be abolished and replaced in full by the digital version.  That consists of local listings which are ineffective as you have to go to the digital version of the phone book and search.  It is a Byzantine process that cannot compete with Google, Bing and Yahoo.  It is also extremely expensive.  Hiring a search engine optimization expert is a more common sense idea in today’s hyper competitive business environment.

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Pay Per Click

When pay per click advertising was introduced in the early 2000’s, it was affordable for just about any business to use. Some clicks were only a few cents!  That has since changed.  Google Adwords brings in their parent company BILLIONS of dollars a month and clicks can sometimes be in the tens, and sometimes hundreds of dollars in extremely competitive industries.  This is not practical for most small, medium and sometimes large businesses.  A far better strategy would be an SEO campaign dominating a business area with organic listings, videos and social media.  

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Newspaper Advertising

The newspaper industry is dying.  Legacy newspapers like the New York Times, Washington Post and the Boston Globe are just a shadow of their former selves.  Not that many years ago, the Sunday paper weighed several pounds!  It was chock full of news as well as a huge quantity of ads large and small from from all types of businesses.  There were also tons of inserts.  It’s not that way anymore.  However, a few stalwart businesses continue to throw money at print advertising.  A smarter course would be to hire an SEO expert.  It would be far more cost effective.

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Direct Mail Advertising

Have you noticed that in the last ten years, the volume of junk mail delivered to your home or business has declined to a great degree.  This is not your imagination.  It has become prohibitive to send just a few hundred fliers out to your marketing area.  The cost of producing the mailer and the postage to send them is prohibitive for many businesses. And the sad thing is, most of this advertising is thrown away.   Yet some business owners still persist in sending out direct mail where promoting their business online would be a better choice and far more effective.

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